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What is

Hospice Care?


Hospice Care...

is a specialized approach to care that focuses on the quality of life for individuals and their families who are coping with an advanced, life-limiting illness. Hospice care provides compassion-driven service to those in their final phase of an incurable disease, so they may live as fully and comfortable as possible. Hospice care is also inclusive, and encourages patients and family to participate throughout the course of care.

The Hospice Philosophy...

accepts decline, provides support, and manages symptoms as individual transitions from this life. While affirming life, hospice provides no service hastening or postponing death. A team of professionals work together to manage symptoms of discomfort, allowing the individual to maintain a dignified quality of life for themselves and their families, and ensuring a peaceful transition



The Team

Medical Director

Responsible for all patient care, collaborates with members of the hospice team to optimize comfort and well-being.

Skilled Nursing Team

Well trained & experienced within the hospice field, Registered & Vocational nurses work with patients & their families to maximize quality of life throughout the entire hospice experience.

Hospice Aides (CHHAS)

Hospice work one-on-one with patients & their caregivers, assisting with bathing, dressing, range-of-motion assistance and other supportive services to ensure patients' overall comfort & well-being.

Medical Social Workers

Conducts comprehensive psychosocial assessment to ensure access to community resources and referrals: as well as individual patient & family counseling to help meet the challenges faced when dealing with a terminal illness.

Bereavement Counselors

Provide comprehensive services to address the issues associated with grief and loss after a loved-one passes.

Hospice Chaplains

Provide non-denominational spiritual counseling for persons of all faiths. Acts as a liaison between patients & their families with community clergy to coordinate services and support as needed.

Hospice Volunteers

Kind & compassionate individuals who support patients & their loved ones by providing companionship and friendly visits.

Am I Covered?

Hospice care is covered by

Medicare Part-A, Medi-Cal, & most commercial insurance policies. In some cases, charity care is also available.

Do I Qualify?

  • Metastatic Malignancies

  • End-Stage Heart, Kidney, Lung, or liver disease

  • Stroke/Coma

  • Advanced Neurological Disease 

  • Failure of Multiple Organ Systems


What is

Palliative Care?


Palliative Care...

Palliative care is a comprehensive care program designed for individuals experiencing physical symptoms and emotional distress related to chronic and serious illnesses. Palliative care is available at no cost to the patient, and either works as, or alongside of an individual's primary healthcare team, in a collaborative effort to maximize a patient's comfort and quality of life, while also serving as an educational resource and support system.


To Providing

Exemplary Care

We understand the need for medical, spiritual & psychological well-being when dealing with a terminal illness, & encouraging quality of life, every step of the way.

The Belmont Healthcare team is committed to providing the highest quality of comfort and dignity-focused patient care, by dedicated and compassionate healthcare professionals.






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